My path to becoming an artist began while embedded inside a combat zone. After deploying to the Middle East for the Army, and subsequently returning to non-military life, I discovered the potential of art to both reconcile and share my experience. My work confronts military service and re-entry into civilian life—examining the physical and mental impact that I, and many infantry personnel, must combat and overcome. Grounded in a military and veteran perspective, my work focuses on war, trauma, the body, mental wellness and the construct of memory—to explore how events mold us. I am interested in exposing the truth of deployment and providing the viewer insight into this experience.

While deployed, soldiers live under perpetual anxiety and threat of death. This mental burden compounds the physical stress of warfare—resulting in psychological and physical damage. This work provides insight into military and veteran realities to instigate support and healing within veteran communities. To express aspects of my multi-faceted experiences, I utilize traditional and non-traditional materials and processes to enrich the mixed media nature of my studio practice. From a strong foundation of metal forming and fabrication techniques developed during my previous industry career, my art experiments with the working properties and fragility of glass. These skills, combined with processes of Pate de Verre, kiln-casting and kiln-forming glass, transform materials into visual landscapes of a soldier’s life.

Artist Statement.jpg


Materials: Glass

Year: 2019

Dimensions: 14” x 8” x ⅜” - inches